The Master Healer

Many adults ignore their growing aches and pains because they believe they can't do much about it.
Many have experienced only temporary relief through treatment.
Many think the only options are pain pills or just dealing with it.

We can do better than that.


Ibok's unique style is described as Advanced Thai Yoga Massage, essentially deep tissue massage and energy cleansing from assisted yoga and stretch positions. His technique realigns the structural, energetic and mental systems. Inquire about our free SAMPLE HEALING.


Inquire about our FREE Sample Healing.

As a Holistic Health Practitioner and post-graduate student in Natural Medicine, Ibok takes a multi-faceted approach to healing the body. He starts with the incredible traction potential of Acro-Yoga-Therapeutics to relieve back, hip, shoulder girdle, and neck discomfort. From that starting point of building trust and openness he utilizes and ancient sequence of intuitive Seifukujitsu (Japanese Restoration Therapy) blended with some Thai-Yoga-Therapy, Realignment massage, and vibration/frequency tools. This type of healing requires consistency for a minimum of 3 months; bi-monthly or weekly. Nutritional and yoga therapy coaching come with this membership and are a critical component in the healing process. "Essentially I will teach you a personal yoga flow that will help correct your imbalances so that you can achieve the pain-free, limber body that you truly desire."

The Master Healer Guarantee

If it's not the best Body-Work that you have ever had, your second healing is free!


Treatments are 120 mins and $2/min.

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